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Weight Gain and Loss

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Weight Gain And Loss

The thyroid is the most common yet most serious disease. It is butterfly-shaped gland in the neck and every cell of our body has thyroid hormone inceptors. It is always called a gland of energy & metabolism. People having hypothyroidism or low thyroid function may suffer from the symptoms without knowing the disease as it has not negative effects in the beginning. Every time, thyroid system is not responsible as some problems may be occurred due to a low immune system of the body. Dr. Sanjay Shetye has been dealing with the thyroid related treatment for several years. He will recommend the patients to go through the radioactive iodide uptake tests as it will track the amount of iodide observed by the thyroid gland. Iodide is an element which is consumed through the food we intake. If it is not treated well from the root, consequences can be harmful.

People having low immune system must go for the proper dietary as only medication will not boost the immune system. The doctor will recommend you to make the chart and to have the food accordingly which will comprise the natural supplements and health ingredients. You may be advised to reduce the sugar level, and starchy food. Along with the medicine, you may be required to have the balanced nutrients.
Only iodine cannot be the reason of thyroid, hormonal imbalance can also lead to having thyroid problems so it is always advisable to have the thorough study of the body to have a check. Taking too much stress and having body weakness may lead to thyroid. This problem is common amongst females as they tend to have an unhealthy life due to work pressure, stress and improper diets.

Dr. Sanjay Shetye suggests the women undergo the treatment after knowing the exact thyroid i.e., T3, T4, TSH. Treatment can be offered accordingly. As allopath medicine is available in the market yet having medicine without consultation will create more problems. Do not get delayed, instead have a healthy life by treating the illness through naturopathy treatment. Quote us for the same through call or through email.

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