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Sexual Health Consultation.
Dr. Sanjay Shetye (Sex Specialist).


Over the last few years, the cases of people suffering from sexual problems have skyrocketed. Sexuality is one of the most sensitive as well as secret aspects of an individual’s personality.


When it comes to treating sexual problems, we have a range of advance care treatment available. Choosing us for any of your sexualrelated illness lets you get best of the available treatment assuring healthy you.


About Dr. Sanjay Shetye

Dr. Sanjay Shetye has written many guides and articles on the subject and has always been helpful in giving simplified solutions to the common man. He has cured thousands of people and helped them continuing a happy and healthy life through expert counselling and medication.

He also works as Guest Specialist with Samtv marathi, TV9 marathi, Zee24 Tass, and many others on sex- related issues. His articles and expert advice are published on a regular basis in leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.

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Dr. Sanjay Shetye

B.N.Y.S., Psychotherapist, Hypno-therapist,
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Certified sex therapist - USA

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Dr. Sanjay Shetye Provides Solution On All Kinds of Sexual Problems.

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