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Diabetic Problems

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It is a stage when the quantity of sugar level crosses the normal adequate level. It is the most common disease which is affecting the million of health. Its curable disease if proper care and medications have been initiated. People suffering from diabetes may feel frustration sometimes as they get tired very soon or they may lack work stamina. It may comprise some complications as well as high level of sugar may cause eye related problem as well.

It is a myth that consuming desserts or sweet dishes may cause diabetes. It is nothing like that. In fact, diabetic patients may fond of in taking sweets at the larger amount. Diabetes may result from stress, depression, denial of health issues, etc. It is the slow killer or may make a life miserable. Diabetes may present in kids as well that is quite genetic. Earlier there was not awareness, but now parents underwent through detailed medical analysis before conceiving or giving birth to a baby.

Diabetes can be of many types but it gets higher and higher when insulin stops working properly. In fact, cells may stop making insulin which may produce a high level of glucose in the body which generates diabetes. Dr. Sanjay Shetye analysis the whole body, find out the actual causes and provides the treatment accordingly. If the sugar level is at the starting age, it can be tackled easily but if it has crossed the limitations and quite old, then one must need to take excess care.

Dr. Sanjay Shetye recommends homemade ayurvedic medicine only which may work slowly but have long lasting results to beat the hard diabetes level. We also suggest some exercise which will boost the body immune system and will balance the glucose level in the body. So do not make delay and have a healthy life. You may have to make the compromise with your food habits but proper medication will clear the root cause of diabetes.

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